A Word on Insecurity & Comparison – Taylor VanWagner (Current Student)


Insecurity mixed with comparing myself to others has been one of the hardest things the Holy Spirit has been revealing to me this year.

It truly boils down to not seeing the value in who you are and the uniqueness of who God created you to be.


I work at a church right now and stand next to spiritual giants. I wrestle with being inspired by leaders one day and feeling inadequate the next. My heart is to really learn how to treasure who God created me to be; to view my shortcomings and failures in this life as an opportunity to grow; to not try to be who other people need me to be, but shine in who God created me to be. This produces a freedom that is contagious to those around us.


Who did God create you to be?


Don’t compare to those around you, compare yourself to Christ. He is the one that gives you the grace to change and loves who you are regardless of where you are at in the journey. His love is so amazing, in fact, it inspires you to be a better person. It takes the pressure away of rising to the standard.


I was in the grocery store last night with my wife and the 70’s song “September” from the band Earth, Wind, & Fire came on the intercom and I couldn’t help but to just sing it and dance in the dairy section. I know, weird right? LOL. Freedom to be who you are is good! People stared at me confused, some of them smiled, some of them laughed.

This was the same store that I was at last week and a clerk asked me why I was so abnormally happy and smiley compared to other customers. I got to share how Jesus has changed my life when I decided to embrace the journey of discovering who He is. Now He speaks to me through His Holy Spirt inside me. Her response, “that’s cool.” Yes, very cool indeed.


Discovering and being who God created you to be is very, very much “cool.” =D


Taylor VanWagner