In honor of Women’s History Month, Northpoint will be highlighting key figures from past and present who have assisted in the forward progress of our school’s vision.

Eleanor Brunetto graduated from Zion Bible Institute in 1947. Upon graduation, she received her B.S. in Education (1956) and a Master of Public Health from Columbia University (1961).

After having served in Vietnam, Brunetto became the Lead Pastor of a church in Albany and became ordained under Zion Gospel Temple in 1968. She continued to lead the Albany congregation until feeling the Call to return to Zion in 1972. Brunetto served as the nurse in residence as well as a professor where she taught classes like Christian Ethics.

In Fall 1981, Eleanor became the Dean of the school, and upon the resignation of Mary Campbell Wilson, she became Zion’s Dean of Academic Affairs. Her tenure with Zion concluded after serving on the Board of Trustees from 1985 to 2001.

Northpoint Bible College is grateful for Eleanor Brunetto’s dedicated ministry. May her example inspire and drive women in ministry today.

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