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No amount of information could replace experiencing Northpoint for yourself. We offer multiple on-campus events throughout the year to make sure you get a chance to do just that. You are welcome here any time, but scheduling a visit with us will ensure an immersive visit.


Please see below for our campus visit events. Have a group of students you would like to bring? We’d love to have you schedule a group visit.

Personal Campus Visits

Want to visit Northpoint, but you find yourself unavailable for one of our events? This is for you. We will plan a visit around your schedule. We will gather some information regarding your availability and interests, and seek to connect you with people on-campus who can best illuminate and immerse you in a personal Northpoint experience.


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Personal Campus Visits Schedule Your Own
Campus Experience Northpoint Bible College Visit

Northpoint Experience

Attend college classes, stay overnight on campus, enjoy our dining commons, encounter God in times of dynamic worship, and hear powerful preaching. Northpoint Experience is open to students who are at least in 10th grade or above.


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Open House

Our open house events are geared toward prospective students and their families who want more information on Northpoint, want to meet some of our faculty and staff, and wish to take a tour of the grounds. This experience is less immersive, but great for acquiring information and meeting our faculty, staff and administrators in a more intimate setting.


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Open House Visit Northpoint Bible College
One Day Experience Northpoint Visit Events

One Day Experience

Attend class with Northpoint students, experience our spiritually vibrant chapel services, eat with us in our dining commons, tour the campus, meet your advisor–and do this all in one day. This is an immersive visit for those who may not have a full weekend or are unavailable for one of our campus experience events. This is amazing for students and their families who are considering our school.


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