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Experience the unique, life-changing undergraduate program at Northpoint Bible College. Come here, and become part of a family whose purpose is to encourage you and equip you for everything that lies ahead.

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At Northpoint, you will find a high-quality, academically rigorous, undergraduate program. We take great care in our course design, and our faculty are highly esteemed. Graduating from our institution will ensure you are fully prepared to excel in what lies beyond.

Degrees and Programs

Bradley Northpoint Bible College Distance Online Education

Our undergraduate program is now available entirely online. If you are an adult learner, or need the flexibility of an online education, we have built this program for you. Utilizing the Northpoint Digital Campus, you will never have to step foot in Haverhill, but you will still enjoy the spiritual development, skill mastery, and community that Northpoint has to offer.

Among Northpoint’s academic programs, the Baccalaureate Degree is primary. This degree broadens the student’s educational experience and focuses 52 of the 128 required credit hours on Biblical and Theological studies. The program is designed to develop the student for Christian service and prepare him/her for life-long learning.

Students enrolled in this program major in Biblical Studies and take a second major in one of the following:

  • Children and Family Ministry
  • Church Ministries
  • Music and Worship Ministry
  • Pastoral Ministry
  • Urban Ministry
  • World Missions
  • Youth Ministry

The Baccalaureate Degree fulfills the undergraduate requirement for like-education at the seminary level.

View our program objectives here.

By offering an Associate in Arts degree in Bible and Theology we are preparing and equipping students who have a desire to serve in the local church, parachurch, or mission field as a licensed certified minister. The purpose of the Associate in Arts degree program is to provide the student with a basic foundation in the humanities and Bible and Theology, as well as ministry training, thus preparing the student to serve as a lay or licensed certified minister.

The degree earned is an:

  • Associate in Arts Degree in Bible and Theology

View the full list of program objectives here.

Northpoint Bible College’s One-Year Certificate program is primarily for those who desire personal enrichment in Bible, Theology, and Christian Service. The curriculum is arranged to expand an individual’s knowledge of the Bible, deepen his/her theological framework, and broaden his/her practical skills for the local church. If you are interested in our gainful employment information, it can be found here.

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Our faculty are a diverse group of qualified men and women who are dedicated to the training of ministers, missionaries, evangelists, and Christ-following educators. They have a wealth of knowledge acquired through extensive education and experience. However, their goal is not just to expand the minds of their students, but to help them find their path. They also provide stability and consistency for the students throughout their stay at Northpoint as they make a commitment to be deeply involved in campus life and to invest personally in the lives of the students.

to 1 student teacher ratio


of our faculty are Doctors in their field


Hi! If you have any questions that we can’t answer here, I would be more than happy to help you. I’m Krista, from our enrollment team, don’t hesitate one second to get in touch.

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What is Northpoint's Transfer of Credit Policy?

Student should request an official transcript from all colleges he/she attended. The official transcript from an accredited college or university should be submitted to the Office of the Registrar at the time of application. Only courses in which a grade of C or better was earned will be considered. Once the transcript is evaluated the student will be notified, as will the Financial Aid office, to the number of credits being transferred into Northpoint. Only credits that go toward a student’s program will be transferred. Students must complete their last 30 hours of credits through Northpoint in order to graduate with a degree or certificate. Requests for credits to be transferred in following matriculation must be approved by the Dean of Academics.

What should I expect to pay?

Haverhill Campus Undergraduate Fees for 2017-2018

Full-Time Fall Spring
Tuition (12-17 hour block) $5,505 $5,505
Housing (based double occupancy) $2,935 $2,935
Meal Plan A* $1,500 $1,500
Fees $567 $477


*The meal plan is required if you are full-time and on campus. If you live off-campus or are taking under 12 credit hours, you are not required to purchase a meal plan.


Refundable Deposits

The room deposit (for on campus students) is $100, and the mailbox key deposit is $12.50. These can both get refunded at the end of your time at Northpoint if you meet the requirements.


Miscellaneous Fees

These only apply to some.

Fee Cost
Course Fee (if taking under 12 hours or over 17 hours) $367/credit
Fridge or A/C $75/semester
Vehicle Registration $57 on campus, $36 off campus
Lab Fee (for computer courses) $183
Audit Fee $183/credit
Music Fee $375/credit


Northpoint Credit Policies

  • Fifty percent of semester charges are due at registration. Financial aid can be applied toward the down payment. The semester balance can be made in monthly installments or by equal payments of the remaining balance on October 15 and December 1 for the Fall semester. Spring semester payments dates are March 1 and April 15.
  • Special billing charges and arrangements pertain to married students, please contact Northpoint Student Billing Office for details at (978) 478-3400 [ext. 3426].


Net Price Calculator

  • If you would like to estimate how much money it will cost you to attend school here, please feel free to utilize our net price calculator here.


View our PDF version of the Undergraduate Fee Schedule here.

View our PDF version of the Graduate Fee Schedule here.

View our PDF version of the Grand Rapids Campus Fee Schedule here.

View our PDF version of the Grand Rapids Campus Graduate Fee Schedule here.

Where can I submit my application paperwork?

Our preference is that you submit your application electronically using our online application form. If you need to fax in or mail material to us, you can do so. Please mail the paperwork to Northpoint Bible College, Attn: Office of Admissions, 320 South Main St, Haverhill, MA 01835. Our fax number is 1 + (978) 478-3406. Please ensure you include a cover letter with "Attn: Office of Admissions" and "Application" in your subject line.

When is the application deadline?

The application deadline for the Fall semester each year is August 1. The deadline for the Spring semester is January 1.

Does Northpoint require SAT scores?

SAT scores are required for US and Canadian applicants. Scores will not be used as acceptance criterion but for academic placement only. ACT scores will be accepted if SAT scores are unavailable, however, SAT scores are preferred for admission.

What degree does a Northpoint graduate receive?

Upon graduation from Northpoint Bible College a student receives a Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies with a second major in one of the following areas: Children And Family Ministry, Church Ministry, Music And Worship Ministry, Pastoral Ministry, Urban Ministry, World Mission, or Youth Ministry. Northpoint also offers an Associate of Arts degree in Bible and Theology as well as a one year certificate.

Is Northpoint Bible College accredited?

Yes, Northpoint Bible College received full accreditation with the Association for Biblical Higher Education in February 2001. In addition to our national accreditation status, Northpoint is currently in the process of pursuing regional accreditation.