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Experience the unique, life-changing undergraduate program at Northpoint Bible College. Come here, and become part of a family whose purpose is to encourage you and equip you for everything that lies ahead.

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At Northpoint, you will find a high-quality, academically rigorous, undergraduate program. We take great care in our course design, and our faculty are highly esteemed. Graduating from our institution will ensure you are fully prepared to excel in what lies beyond.

Degrees and Programs

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Among Northpoint’s academic programs, the Baccalaureate Degree is primary. This degree broadens the student’s educational experience and focuses 52 of the 128 required credit hours on Biblical and Theological studies. The program is designed to develop the student for Christian service and prepare him/her for life-long learning.

Students enrolled in this program major in Biblical Studies and take a second major in one of the following:


  • Ministry Leadership
  • Children & Family Ministry
  • Student Ministry
  • Intercultural Ministry
  • Pastoral Ministry
  • Worship Arts Ministry


The Baccalaureate Degree fulfills the undergraduate requirement for like-education at the seminary level.

View our program objectives here.

By offering an Associate in Arts degree in Bible and Theology we are preparing and equipping students who have a desire to serve in the local church, parachurch, or mission field as a licensed certified minister. The purpose of the Associate in Arts degree program is to provide the student with a basic foundation in the humanities and Bible and Theology, as well as ministry training, thus preparing the student to serve as a lay or licensed certified minister.

The degree earned is an:

  • Associate in Arts Degree in Bible and Theology

View the full list of program objectives here.

Northpoint Bible College’s One-Year Certificate program is primarily for those who desire personal enrichment in Bible, Theology, and Christian Service. The curriculum is arranged to expand an individual’s knowledge of the Bible, deepen his/her theological framework, and broaden his/her practical skills for the local church. If you are interested in our gainful employment information, it can be found here.

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Our faculty are a diverse group of qualified men and women who are dedicated to the training of ministers, missionaries, evangelists, and Christ-following educators. They have a wealth of knowledge acquired through extensive education and experience. However, their goal is not just to expand the minds of their students, but to help them find their path. They also provide stability and consistency for the students throughout their stay at Northpoint as they make a commitment to be deeply involved in campus life and to invest personally in the lives of the students.

to 1 student teacher ratio


of our faculty are Doctors in their field


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