Title IX Information

Northpoint Bible College is committed to a safe learning environment where relationships among community members are free from discrimination, harassment, and all forms of sexual misconduct.

The college seeks to build and maintain a community honoring the principles of Biblical teaching on sexuality and human relationships in which community members are required to affirm and abide by biblical teaching that God intends sexual activity to take place within the bond of a monogamous heterosexual marriage.  Sexual activity outside a marital relationship is a violation of biblical teachings and therefore a violation of Northpoint’s code of conduct.

Northpoint Bible College will not tolerate sexual harassment, sexual assault, sexual violence, domestic violence, dating violence, or stalking (collectively “Sexual Misconduct”). College officials will take seriously any report of sexual misconduct and take immediate steps to investigate, prevent its recurrence, address its effects, and prohibit retaliation.  In addition, at the complainant’s request or at the insistence of the Title IX Coordinator, local authorities will be called to intervene and potentially pursue criminal charges.


Title IX is a federal law that protects members of a college’s community from sexual harassment and discrimination in educational programs or activities. Northpoint’s Title IX Team investigates allegations perpetrated by or against any students, employees, participants in college programs and activities, visitors, independent contractors, and vendors.

The college’s jurisdiction in Title IX covers education programs, social and cultural activities, sports, and residential life on a Northpoint campus, in buildings owned by Northpoint, online when using Northpoint networks and technology resources, and at events or programs under the domain of Northpoint’s responsibility. The Title IX Coordinator has the authority to expand the scope to off-campus scenarios where significant student impact occurred.

The provision of a safe campus depends on community members living in deference and respect to one another and the willingness of community members to report concerns, suspicious behaviors, and criminal activity. Northpoint utilizes the same investigative process for complaints made about racial and ethnic discriminatory behavior and harassment.

Reporting, Process, & Rights

Northpoint Title IX and Sexual Misconduct Policy

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