Meet Hannah! She is a Northpoint sophomore from North Providence, Rhode Island, majoring in Biblical Theology and Worship Arts Ministry. On a campus tour, you may see her on stage leading students in worship or pulling off shenanigans with the rest of the Dwelling Place worship team. Learn how God has directed and developed her already during her time here.  

Did you have any prior academic plans before choosing to attend Northpoint?  
Going to Northpoint and pursuing ministry was always the main direction I wanted to go. There was a season where I considered taking ministry classes back home due to financial reasons, but God made a way, and I was able to go to Northpoint where He had called me to.

How did you learn about Northpoint? 
I learned about Northpoint through my home church in Rhode Island. In my youth group, I attended a few of Northpoint’s Campus Experiences, and many of the youth leaders and youth I was surrounded by at that time had gone to Northpoint prior to me coming.

What led you to choose Northpoint? 
God’s calling led me to Northpoint. I knew God had called me here and He was faithful to get me here in perfect timing. Another factor that led me to choose Northpoint was the community and campus life. I knew after touring the school and attending a Northpoint Experience that the school was a good fit for me. The only uncertainty that I had was how would I financially be able to make it there. There was a time where I started looking into other options because I financially could not afford to come, but God has repeatedly provided financially and has made a way for me to be here today!

What are your plans after graduation?  
I could see myself getting a job at a church or becoming a worship pastor at a church soon. I am open to anything and I am excited to see where God will take me once my four years at Northpoint are completed.

What are some things you enjoy about being here? 
There are many aspects of Northpoint that I enjoy. I love the small community and the friendships and connections I have made here. I know these friendships will last a lifetime. I enjoy leading my chapel team and being able to minister through worship for my classmates. Northpoint has helped me develop and grow my spiritual gifts in a way I never have before. On the academic side, Northpoint has helped me have a deeper understanding of theology and how to correctly exegete Biblical passages.

How would you describe your experience at Northpoint? 
If there is one word, I would use to describe my time at Northpoint thus far, it would have to be “growth.”  Being at Northpoint for a little over a year now, I have already grown an insane amount. I have grown in all areas: mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Northpoint offers a lot of opportunities to grow in your talents, spiritual gifts, and knowledge of the word of God. There are many people here who will encourage and support you alongside your journey. My advice to anyone interested in pursuing ministry and coming to Northpoint, would be to go where there will be growth. It is important to intentionally put yourself in areas that will grow you as a person and shape you for your future ministry. Northpoint has also helped grow my spiritual confidence. It has pushed me to be the best version of myself that I can be and to walk in the calling that God set in place for me boldly and with excellence, all for the glory of God.

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