Originally from Providence, Rhode Island, Sophonie is a Junior at Northpoint Bible College. She is currently studying Music and Worship.


What caused you to choose your particular area of study?
Since I was a little girl my desire was to perform, lead, and focus the hearts of others on God through Music. Music has encouraged and inspired me in ways I never thought it could. Northpoint is a training ground for anyone who is called to Music Ministry. It’s only my first year and I’ve already developed a confidence and boldness to do what God has called me to do. I’m excited to see what the future holds for me at Northpoint.


What makes the environment at Northpoint special?
Northpoint is such a multicultural school! You meet people from all different ethnic backgrounds, all walks of life, and from different countries. Another thing that makes this school so special is that it is so family oriented. Northpoint is your home away from home!


What are your goals after you graduate?
Once I graduate from Northpoint I would like pursue my Masters in counseling. My dream is to have my own Christian organization empowering women who have lost hope in themselves because they are or have been victims of sexual abuse. Society may view them as damaged goods but God says “she is far more precious than jewels and her value is far above rubies or pearls.”


Why should a prospective student choose Northpoint?
A prospective student should choose Northpoint because it is affordable and you’ll receive a big level education because the faculty and administration here want you equipped, representing the Gospel well through your witness of intellect and excellence.


What do you like to do when you’re not in class?
When I’m not in class I like going to the music lab and practice playing the piano. Having that alone time has been quite therapeutic for me.


What have you found to be the benefits of attending a smaller college?
Some of the benefits I’ve found in going to a small college is that the classes are smaller so it gives you a much greater opportunity to ask questions, participate in discussion, and have a professor who actually knows who you are. It’s always nice to be a real person, rather than a nameless spectator in the crowd of a mega-university.


Any advice for future students?
Trust God. Don’t focus on the negative! One thing I’ve learned here at Northpoint is that when you are walking with God sometimes you are climbing the staircase without seeing the stairs. That is what Faith looks like, but if you trust God wholeheartedly, you’ll know that although you don’t always see the next step, it will appear before your foot touches the ground.