In order to apply for the majority of these discounts and scholarships, you will need to complete our GENERAL SCHOLARSHIP FORM and/or our DISCOUNT REQUEST FORM. Some scholarships require a separate application, which is included in the dropdown menu for that scholarship. While every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of information given below, please consult a representative from Northpoint Bible College to confirm discount qualifications.




Academic Achievement Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to the top ten returning students who have completed at least one full year of studies at Northpoint and have a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher. An application is not necessary. The annual award for this scholarship is $1,000.

Alumni Association Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to first semester freshman, transfer students, and returning students who demonstrate financial need and who clearly articulate a call to ministry. A completed application is required. Annual awards begin at $250.

Ashcroft National Youth Scholarships

Applications accepted Nov. 14 – Feb. 10 (Up to $8,000)


  • First – $8,000: $4,000 for 2 semesters
  • Second – $4,000: $2,000 for 2 semesters
  • Third – $2,000: $1,000 for 2 semesters

Each year, high school seniors can apply for the J. Robert Ashcroft National Youth Scholarship in memory of a pioneer in AG higher education. Ashcroft served as president of four AG colleges, and served as national secretary of the Assemblies of God Department of Education. This prestigious scholarship in Ashcroft’s honor provides financial assistance to incoming freshmen. Up to three district level winners are nominated by their district. The national scholarships will be awarded no later than April 1.


  • Currently attending an AG church
  • High school senior working toward acceptance into an AG endorsed college
  • Proficient in four areas:
    • Academic achievement
    • Extracurricular activities
    • Christian service
    • Christian character


If you would like to complete an application or have questions, please contact your District Youth Director through your church’s district office.

Bible Quiz Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to first semester freshman and transfer students. A student can earn one team, one high scorer, and one national memorization bible quiz scholarship. If the student meets the qualifications more than once, the highest award will be given in each of the above three categories. Bible Quiz Scholarship Application and copy of certificate(s) are required.



High Score


National Memorization

Three YearsTwo YearsOne Year
Charles and Ramona Crabtree Scholarship

This scholarship is given to students who are planning to go into a preaching ministry or to minister through music.

To apply for this scholarship fill out the GENERAL SCHOLARSHIP FORM. You only need to fill out the form one time to be considered for several scholarships.

Church Matching Scholarship

This scholarship is available to full-time, on-campus students with a meal plan. Northpoint will match a church scholarship up to $500/year or $250 per semester. Funds must not come from students, their parents/relatives, or from the monthly pledge the church has previously designated for Northpoint. An application must be accompanied by the church’s payment.

District Youth Director Scholarship

The District Youth Director from each Assemblies of God District or ministry network is able to refer one male high school junior or senior and one female high school junior or senior per academic year to Northpoint Bible College for a $2000 DYD scholarship. This scholarship is granted to students who are enrolled as a full-time (12 or more credits), on campus, traditional undergraduate student.


District Youth Directors can refer a student for this scholarship by clicking here.

Endowment for Ethnic Minorities

Applications for this scholarship may be obtained in January from the Financial Aid Office. The deadline is February 1st, and annual awards vary. To apply for this scholarship you must be a minority.

Award is $200 – $1,000 (varies according to need and school funds)

AG colleges desire a wealth of cultural diversity throughout the student body. The Ethnic Minority Scholarship provides financial assistance to minority students who otherwise could not afford costs associated with the school in which they are enrolled. The Financial Aid Director from your college of choice can help you fill out the application if needed. Once finished with the first page of the application, you must turn it in to your school’s financial aid office to have them complete the second page.


  • Currently attending an AG church
  • Currently attending an AG endorsed college
  • Classify as an ethnic minority

Application forms will be available from the Financial Aid Office in January.

Fine Arts Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to first semester freshman and transfer students who receive an “Excellent” or “Superior with Invitation” rating at the District Level, “Excellent,” “Superior” or “Award of Merit” rating at the National Level. If ratings are received in more than one category at the district level, only the highest award will be granted. If ratings are awarded at the National level, it will replace any district award. If ratings are received in more than one category on the national level, the highest award in each category will be granted. Fine Arts Scholarship Application and copy of the certificate(s) are required. Award amounts are as follows:

Superior with Invitation$500
Award of Merit$1,500

These awards are renewable for one additional year by maintaining a cumulative GPA of 3.5.

General Scholarships

Northpoint has various privately funded scholarships that are awarded, usually in the spring for the following year. The “General Scholarship Application” form is used to apply for these scholarships. The application form should be completed by any new or current student.

Gold Medal of Achievement Award

This scholarship is awarded to first time freshman or transfer students who received this award. Gold Medal Award Application Form and a copy of the certificate is required. Non-A/G students who have achieved an equivalent award may also apply. Award is $1,000 ($500/semester), renewable for one additional year with a cumulative GPA of 3.5.

High School Merit Award

This scholarship is awarded to a high school valedictorian/salutatorian who enrolls as a first time semester, degree-seeking, student. A copy of the certificate is needed. The award is $1,000 and $500 respectively. This award is automatically applied and no application is needed.

Riggs Scholarship

Applications accepted Nov. 14 – Feb. 17 (Up to $30,000)


  • $30,000 each: awarded over 4 years
  • $5,000 each: awarded over 2 semesters

To help our high school seniors attend our quality schools, the Assemblies of God institutions and departments created the Riggs Scholarships, named after former General Superintendent Ralph Riggs, an early advocate for higher education in our AG Fellowship. Riggs, a former faculty member at two of our colleges, believed that every high school graduate should have the opportunity to attend an AG endorsed college.

  • Ten high school senior semi-finalists chosen
  • Two (one male, one female) of ten semi-finalists selected to receive General Superintendent National Scholarships (up to $30,000 each)
  • Eight semi-finalists receive one-time $5,000 scholarships


  • Currently attending an AG church
  • High school senior working toward acceptance into an AG endorsed college
  • Minimum GPA of 3.7 (unweighted 4.0 scale) and an ACT score of 28 or SAT score of 1280
  • Demonstrate leadership potential through involvement in an AG church, school, and community
  • Demonstrate a dedicated walk with God and a commitment to use his/her gifts toward Kingdom expansion

*  For the Superintendent’s award to continue, the student must maintain a 3.5 GPA and continue attendance and active involvement in an AG church while enrolled in school.

2017 RIGGS Application
2017 RIGGS High School Reference
2017 RIGGS Pastor’s Reference

Rosina Luongo MK Scholarship

This scholarship is in loving memory of Rosina Luongo. Her heritage includes fourth and fifth generation Pentecostals who have served in missions on three continents. The scholarship is for full-time students that are children of those currently serving in foreign missions. To apply for this scholarship fill out the GENERAL SCHOLARSHIP FORM.




Dependent Family Member Discount

This discount is applied to the full-time spouse or dependent family member of a full-time student from the same family. The discount is 10% off tuition per year. A completed discount request form is required.

Minister Dependent Discount

This is awarded to full-time freshman, transfer, and returning students who qualify. Award is $500 per year for a dependent of an Assemblies of God minister or missionary (licensed or ordained for at least 2 years). Award is $250 per year for students who are dependents of ministers or missionaries from non AG fellowships. An application and copy of license or certificate of ordination should be submitted by the required deadline. An application form is required.  (Complete the Minister/Missionary Section on Page 1).

Minister or Missionary Discount

Applied to full-time students who qualify. For Assemblies of God and/or Northpoint Alumni ministers who have been licensed or ordained for at least 2 years, the discount is $500 per year. For dependents of ministers from non-Assemblies of God fellowships and denominations the discount is $250 per year. Discounts are awarded at $250 or $125 per semester. An application form and copy of ministerial license or certificate are required.

Sibling Tuition Discount

This discount is awarded to each of two or more full-time dependent students from the same family. Students filing as independent on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) are ineligible. Award is 10% tuition discount per semester. An application form is required.

ZBI Diploma Alumni Discount

This discount is awarded to ministers (licensed or ordained for at least 2 years) involved in full-time church ministry or missions work. Award is for one tuition-free course (up to 3 credits) when taking two or more during the same semester. Free course must be of equal or lesser value (fees still apply). Former ZBI/ZBC/NPBC students who were previously enrolled in a Baccalaureate degree program (after 1994) and who did not finish their course of study at that time are ineligible.An application form is required.

Adult & Teen Challenge

See below for additional scholarship providers outside of Northpoint.  We strongly recommend first reading the US Federal Government’s Student Aid website for assistance in finding and applying for scholarships.