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 Cultivate your Christian faith with affordable online classes that fit your schedule, at Northpoint Bible College, where our exclusive focus is Pentecostal ministry training.


Northpoint’s Digital Campus

Course Design with You in Mind

When we designed our online courses, we did so with you in mind. Have you struggled in school before? Hate courses that rely entirely on a couple of exams for your whole grade? We know that these things can sometimes hold you back from pursuing your degree, so we’ve taken a different approach. We also know listening to long lectures can be boring and impersonal, so our courses are designed for you to become an active participant in the online learning community.

Course Design with You in Mind Distance Education Northpoint College

  Flexibility You can participate in your class any time of day in any location where you have an internet connection. You can even participate in class on your tablet or mobile device! Submit your weekly work when it is convenient for you up until the deadline, day or night! And no more running out for ink for the printer at the last minute! All your assignments are submitted electronically.

  Collaboration and Interaction Each course incorporates opportunities to you to collaborate and interact with your peers as well as your professors. Video content allows you to see both your professor as well as any information they share, and you can even search for keywords in the lectures! Many courses also  incorporate creative activities and assess your learning in more than just tests and quizzes, so you always have an opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge.

  Accessibility Do you have a disability that makes learning a challenge? We offer videos with captioning and other tools and resources to help students with all abilities and disabilities succeed in our online courses! Furthermore, our learning management system was built using the most modern HTML and CSS technologies, and is committed to W3C’s Web Accessibility Initiative and Section 508 guidelines. Accessibility is a top priority for our Digital Campus.


Vocational Majors

Pastoral Ministry, Ministry Leadership, Student Ministry, Children and Family Ministry, Intercultural Ministry

Fully Accredited

Northpoint Bible College Online Degrees are equivalent to on-campus degrees and are fully accredited through the Association for Biblical Higher Education.

One of the distinctive elements of Northpoint Bible College is the spiritual life on campus. Enrollment in Northpoint’s online courses grants you access to a spiritual community you never thought possible! From online chapel streaming to a live virtual prayer wall, you will have the opportunity to contribute to a rich, Pentecostal, spiritual atmosphere.

Don’t think that online degrees are any less challenging or engaging than what you would expect from an on-campus course! Our faculty are all experienced professors with advanced degrees in their areas of teaching specialty. They are men and women of God committed to empowering individuals to fulfill their God-given calling, not just dumping information in your lap! They are accessible and committed to God, Northpoint, and you, the student! Whether you just want to dig a little deeper into a course topic or are pursuing the full degree, our professors are gifted communicators who desire to help you succeed in achieving your goals.
Curious about how online degrees work? Wondering about how secure they really are? Northpoint utilizes Canvas by Instructure to deliver rich interactive course content to students all over the world. In conjunction with this, we also use software to support students as writers to develop their own voice and avoid plagiarism, as well as to verify identity and securely take tests and quizzes. This technology creates a secure online learning environment that ensures that each student upholds academic standards for success.
Be good at what you do. Northpoint is committed to training students for ministry. But ministry is a field that requires the development of many skills, not just the ability to write a paper or take a test. Therefore, most online courses at Northpoint are focused on helping you to master ministerial skills such as preaching, proper Bible interpretation, lesson planning, and more! We have developed innovative ways to help you develop and sharpen these skills in an online environment so that when you graduate, you have the expertise to be an excellent minister.

Frequently Asked Questions

What degrees are available?

BA in Bible and Theology with a second major in:

  • Pastoral Ministries
  • Christian Education – Church Ministry
  • Christian Education – Children and Family Ministry
  • Christian Education – Youth Ministry
  • World Missions

We also offer the following:

  • Associate of Arts in Bible and Theology
  • One Year Certificates
What is the online course format?
  • Asynchronous (can be completed on your own schedule)
  • Every course includes:
    • collaboration with other students
    • weekly work due
    • papers
    • discussion boards
    • reading
    • activities
  • Some courses will utilize:
    • secure online testing through respondus
    • lecture videos
    • assignments that require you to record video of yourself (making a speech, preaching, etc)
Are your courses accessible?

Courses are accessible to those with accessibility issues via captioned lectures and screen readers.

How can I engage in the Northpoint community online?
What is the cost?

Please see the “Tuition & Fees” section of our Financial Aid Page

What financial aid is available?

Northpoint offers a limited amount of scholarships and/or discount for students who are enrolled for online studies only. Availability is dependent upon housing status. Please connect with us to learn more.

What courses are offered?

Courses are offered on a set schedule.

  • Not every course is offered every semester
  • Summer offerings may vary based on demand
What is Northpoint's Transfer of Credit Policy?

Student should request an official transcript from all colleges he/she attended. The official transcript from an accredited college or university should be submitted to the Office of the Registrar at the time of application. Only courses in which a grade of C or better was earned will be considered. Once the transcript is evaluated the student will be notified, as will the Financial Aid office, to the number of credits being transferred into Northpoint. Only credits that go toward a student’s program will be transferred. Students must complete their last 30 hours of credits through Northpoint in order to graduate with a degree or certificate. Requests for credits to be transferred in following matriculation must be approved by the Dean of Academics.