Today, the Executive Committee of the Northpoint Trustees ratified the appointment of Gilbert Carreras to serve as the Liaison for Northpoint Bible College’s Hispanic sites and programs. In this role, he will serve as the primary contact for students and professors participating in our Institute, B.A., and M.A. programs that are taught in Spanish (online, virtual, and in-person).

Gilbert D. Carreras was born in Providence, RI. He was born to Puerto Rican parents who would then take him to be raised on the island of Puerto Rico. Gilbert would later return to the city of his birth along with his mother and brother in search of a better life and greater education. Guided by the Lord he would later withdraw from the college he was attending and join the Northpoint community as a student.

Now a graduate, Gilbert serves along with his wonderful wife, Hannah, at Garden City Church in Beverly, MA.

Gilbert hopes to continue to learn from the Pastoral leadership of the church and help with the equipping of the Saints there. Because of his heart for people, his passion for God’s word and joy for academics he wishes that the saints would grow in love for one another, would have missional hearts, would love and cherish God’s Word, and that they would study to be equipped for the ministry.

As God leads, he and his wife plan to be missionaries in the future to the glory of God.

Let’s all give give Gilbert a big, Northpoint welcome!