Professional Networking for online students – Ken Kinnamon, Online Contributor


Many students have difficulty connecting to the main campus from which they are receiving their online education, and understandably so. However, here at Northpoint we want you to be part of the community and try to do that through a few different avenues.



One of those avenues is the use of social media, particularly for finding a church after you have finished your degree. We want to do all that we can to make sure that an online student sees the same information as the on-campus student. In order to accomplish this goal we place the ministry opportunities that we receive on a variety of groups and profiles that are geared toward the Northpoint student.



Whether you are an on-campus student or an online student, both have the ability to see the same information in our Northpoint Facebook groups. Often times that information is then shared by several students, faculty and/or staff. This gives us the opportunity to provide information about numerous positions and needs of the churches that connect with Northpoint.



We are also developing technologies that will allow you as the student to post a resume for churches to look through as they have need to fill a position. These same churches will also have the ability to post the positions they need to fill. As much as possible each church will go through an application process and create a profile in order to access and post this information.



These are a sample of how we are striving to make your online education experience a great one…one that prepares you for ministry and gives you the tools you need to succeed at finding your first ministry position.