Originally from Lawrence, Massachusetts, Nancy’s desire is to serve the Lord with all of her heart and see people radically changed for the glory of God. She is currently studying Urban Ministries at Northpoint Bible College.


Why did you choose to attend Northpoint?
God! I just knew He was calling me to Northpoint.


What is your major?
I am an Urban Ministry Major and I’ve always been drawn to help inner-city kids.


What makes the environment at Northpoint special?
One day I was in the cafeteria and I felt the Holy Spirit ask me to look around at the people I was with. I started to look at all the faces that surrounded me. In that moment I realized how special Northpoint really was. At Northpoint you get to grow, laugh, fellowship, worship and cry with people who are willing to give their whole lives to the Lord. There is something unique about being surrounded by people fully devoted to Christ. It changes your life.


What are your goals after you graduate?
There are many things that I would love to do, maybe serve in the Middle East. I’m not sure, but I will go wherever the Lord takes me!


Why should a prospective student choose Northpoint?
The environment at Northpoint is truly like no other. There is such an anointing for transformation. God really uses the people and professors to bring you into a deeper relationship with Him. If you truly desire to serve God and want to get closer I would suggest Northpoint. People from all around the world come to Northpoint to speak in our chapel services. Northpoint is filled with opportunities for ministry.


What do you like to do when you’re not in class?
Hang out with friends! Worship! Go to Boston! Beach! Coffee!


What have you found to be the benefits of attending a smaller college?
There is always someone there when you need somebody to laugh, cry or pray with. I love living on campus. We are a family!


Any advice for future students?
Whatever you do, wherever you go, know that God is worth it ALL!