Los Angeles

La Palma Christian Center

  • Address: 8082 Walker Street, La Palma, California 90623
  • Phone: 714-995-7784
  • Website 
  • Pastor: Steve Bland [email protected] 
    • Phone: 903-908-3586
  • Site Director: Rev. Karen Bland


Enrollment Specialist

    • Rev. Joshua Somma; Email Phone: 978-478-3489

Student Aid

  • Tuition & Fees: $340.00/Credit Hour
  • Fees Per Semester
    • $167.00 Library/Technology
    • $113.00 Online Learning Fee (if applicable per course); If online classes are taken the full tuition price of $425.00 per credit hour is paid

Main Campus Personnel

  • Financial Aid Director: Rev. Patty Stauffer; Email Office: 978-478-3422
  • Student Billing Counselor: Ms. Susan Gallagher; Email Office: 978-478-3426
  • Registrar: Ms. Amy Maranville; Email; Office: 978-478-3453


Chief Academic Officer: Rev. Dr. Daniel Howell; Email; Office: 978-478-3451

Academic Advisor: Jayln Milburn; Email; 870-773-1234

Academics 2.0
Campus Life

Campus Life

Dean of Student Development-Rev. Michael Scott; Email Office: 978-478-3464