Tomorrow November 30th is a big day in the life of Northpoint Bible College. I have asked friends like you to consider joining with us to purchase Cameras and Equipment for our Recording Studio as a gift to the college for Giving Tuesday.

Our mission has always been to train ministers and missionaries to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We live in a world filled with technology, and I believe we must also train our students to use technology as they spread the Gospel—no matter what they do—no matter where they go.

With the help of our friends, it is possible we could have multiple cameras, editing eqiupment, computer and studio equipment. We could soon be training Northpoint students in technology and media skills.

Will you join us on Giving Tuesday to help us purchase with these purchases?


Dr. J. David Arnett  |  President

Thank you in advance for giving. Here are some giving options for your convenience: