Northpoint Faculty Access

Find access to common faculty resources here.



Sign in with your faculty email and password.  If you forget your password, submit a ticket by clicking the support button below.



Please login using your Faculty Username and Password, this is your email or computer credentials.. If you have forgotten your password, please let us know by clicking the support button below. There are printers in every building on campus.



Please login using your Faculty Username and Password, this is your email or computer credentials. If you have questions about what you see inside of canvas, contact our Director of Online Education. If you need help logging in, please contact Support.



Replaces “FAWeb”

Please login using your Faculty Username and Password, this is your email or computer credentials.  In SONIS you can take attendance and other course details. If you have trouble logging in, please contact the Technology Services Department to get your password reset.



Follow this link to look up books in our database, and find out more information about the Northpoint library. If you have any questions about using the Library portal, you can contact our Library staff.



Visit here to browse our robust knowledge base or open a ticket with our support team. You can request password resets, let us know about printing issues, or anything else support related. We are here to help!

Helpful Information

At Northpoint, you can print from anywhere, and pick it up at one of our Konica printers on campus. We call this cloud printing (we did not coin the term). To use our cloud printing service, please do the following:

  • Sign into our printing portal using your faculty username and password. If you no longer have this information, please email support so we can reset your password.
  • Follow the steps, click Print.
  • After receiving a message indicating the job was sent, you can now pick up your print job at any of our Konica Minolta printers on campus. There is currently printers in every building on campus, with first floor access typically in a dedicated area or conference/lounge space.

Additional Notes:

  • The cloud printing service will accept Microsoft Office document formats, PDF’s, and Image files. It does not support Apple Pages or Keynote documents.

You need to pair your faculty ID card with our printers in order to conveniently use our cloud printing service. To do this, please perform the following steps:

  • Acquire or remember your Faculty login information (you will need this information to pair your card to your faculty account)
  • Bring your faculty ID card to a Konica-Minolta printer on campus
  • Enter your username and password  but DO NOT click “Login.”
    • If you click “Login” prematurely, you will need to log out and start again.
  • After entering your information, hold your faculty ID card up next to the HID card reader on the printer. This will be clearly marked, and to the right of the login screen.
  • This should log you in, and your card is now paired!

If you have any trouble with this process, or something goes awry, please contact support and we can help you pair your ID card.