Join us Wednesday, September 7 at 11am for our annual church expo. 

Ecclesia, the Greek term the used to refer to the Body of Christ, means “assembly” or “congregation,” or more literally, “called out ones.” Hence, the name of our church expo this year. This event will bring together a variety of leaders from a variety of local churches, and together, we are the Ecclesia!   

The goal of this event is to give opportunity for pastors and representatives of area churches to meet and become familiar with Northpoint students. Likewise, this is an opportunity for students to network with area churches and leaders. We will worship together, pray for one another, and have interactive discussions. Our hope is that Northpoint students become deeply involved in the local church as they further their Biblical education, and that they would form a network of friends and ministry leaders that provide them opportunity and support upon graduation. 

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More About Northpoint:

  • Mission Statement:
    • Northpoint Bible College exists to teach and train students for Excellent Pentecostal Ministry in fulfillment of The Great Commission.
  • Values:
    • Scripture, Calling, Character, Ministry, Academics, Pentecostal, Community, Service.
  • History:
    • In 1924 Northpoint Bible College (Formerly Zion Bible College) was founded by Rev. Christine A. Gibson for the purpose of preparing men and women for Pentecostal ministry. The school started in East Providence, Rhode Island, and in 1985 relocated to Barrington, Rhode Island. In 2008, the college was miraculously blessed with its current beautiful and historic 18 acre residential campus, located in Haverhill, Massachusetts.

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