Dear Students,
Today I shared with the faculty and staff here at Northpoint that I am making another transition in my life. After 33 years of service, I have decided to return full-time to the classroom. Effective May 31st, I am resigning my position as Dean of Academics.
I look forward to this new season. Relieved of administrative pressures, I will be able to give myself more completely to my most cherished vocation as one of your professors. It is an honor and privilege to pour into your lives.
I will still retain two other responsibilities which I greatly enjoy. The first is my service as faculty advisor for the yearbook. The other is the maintenance and further development of our Alumni Heritage Center. And then, for the first time in 33 years, when summer rolls around, I will have off from work! This will give me ample time to travel, spend time at the shore with Sammy and Gracie, and pursue other interests that I have had little time for in recent years.
In the early part of the summer I will be moving off campus, but I look forward to seeing you again for the fall semester.
In His service,
Dean Gallagher