Our Campus

Our historical campus and it’s unique urban setting

The City of Haverhill, MA

Northpoint Bible College is located in the diverse city of Haverhill in northeastern Massachusetts, right on the expansive Merrimack River. It is one of the oldest communities in the state, and sits only 20 miles from the ocean. Tax-free shopping is available in nearby New Hampshire, which borders the city. Computer technology and research industries thrive in Haverhill’s business districts. Recreational activities are plenteous including four 18-hole golf courses, a downhill ski area, two horseback riding academies, a public skating rink, and a sailing program. Residents also enjoy walking, jogging, and bird watching (there is a growing population of bald eagles taking up residence in Haverhill) along the Merrimack River. Boating on the river is also a popular local pastime. Train service is available from downtown Haverhill to the city of Boston. Just 45 minutes away, Boston affords Northpoint students abundant cultural and educational resources, and three professional sports teams–with the fourth team only forty five minutes further out, add



Bradford’s Historical Campus

The current campus of Northpoint Bible College, located in the Bradford area of Haverhill, Massachusetts, was originally a private, non-profit, co-educational high school, opened in 1803. In 1836, it became Bradford College, a school for young women. In 1932, the College became established as a junior college. In 1971 Bradford became a four-year, co-educational, liberal arts college. After nearly 200 years, Bradford College closed in 2000, and in 2008 the campus was purchased for Northpoint Bible College, providing Northpoint with ample educational, administrative and residential space. The campus is comprised of nine buildings spread over a twenty-five acre property, totaling approximately 297,000 square feet.



Academy Hall
The 119,768 square foot building known as Academy Hall is primarily used for administrative offices. It contains forty-four offices, a conference room, an executive dining room, a faculty dining room, a faculty/staff lounge, and the student dining room and kitchen. The upper floor has current and future residential space.
Hasseltine Hall
Hasseltine Hall is the primary building for classrooms. It contains fifteen classrooms, nine faculty offices, as well as faculty and student lounges. The second floor has a biology laboratory. Classrooms are technologically equipped to enhance the learning experience for our students.
Fine Arts Center
The Educational and Fine Arts Center is a 15,407 square foot building. It houses the library, with a volume capacity of 60,000, and includes reading and study areas, the Zion/Northpoint Bible College Archives, study corrals, four additional classrooms, a number of faculty offices, and a visual arts studio. This building also is the home of the Center for Academic Development, a computer lab, and faculty conference room. Connected to the main building by the Alumni Heritage Hall is the Fine Arts Center, which contains a two hundred seat teaching and lecture auditorium.
Prayer Chapel
Northpoint would not be complete without the Marie Green Prayer Chapel. This 1,951 square foot sanctuary has a meeting room that can hold approximately seventy-five individuals and a conference room. Students, as well as faculty and staff may spend time in prayer and meditation throughout the day and evening.
The 57,000 square foot men’s and women’s dormitories can accommodate approximately 250 students. The dormitories were renovated in 2000 and were barely lived in before Bradford closed its doors. In 2008 minor upgrades resulted in beautiful living quarters for our students. The Bradford Campus is fully fiber-optic and network equipped. A wireless network covers both the dormitories and each of the main buildings on campus.
Gym and Fitness Center
The Gymnasium Building houses a Fitness Center and the Student Union, as well as the Gym itself, which is available for sports and social activities.

Northpoint Bible College

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