Student Council

The Student Council endeavors to make NPBC a better College by creating social and spiritual spaces for students to experience a healthy campus community. The Council further promotes campus unity and campus pride in adding to the vision by taking on campus projects and strengthening communication between the student body, faculty, staff, and administration, which leaves the school in a stronger position year over year. The Council functions under the oversight of the Office of Student Development. 

Student Council Officers:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer

Yearbook Team

The College Yearbook is the annual pictorial publication of the College. The yearbook staff is chosen to organize, formulate, and present a literary and pictorial reconstruction of the year’s events. Opportunities to serve are extended to all students.

Class Structure

Class Leaders:

  • President
  • Vice President/Treasurer
  • Secretary/Historian
  • Student Council Rrepresentative 

Class Advisors:

  • Freshman Year: Resident Directors
  • Sophomore Year: Class Advisor selected from Faculty & Staff to serve remaining three years

Class Activities:

  • Class gatherings are normally scheduled once a semester 
  • Class Prayers held monthly

Class Matriculation Schedule:

Sophomore Year:

  • Select Class Scripture Verse & Motto
  • Assist Junior Class in Sr. Banquet

Junior Year:

  • Plan & Operate Sr. Banquet

Senior Year

  • Honored Guests at Sr. Banquet
  • Donating a Sr. Gift to the College
Married Student Fellowship

The Married Student Fellowship was formed to provide support and fellowship for all married students. A great deal of sacrifice is often involved in answering God’s call; therefore, activities, fellowship, prayer, and mutual encouragement through the Married Student Fellowship serve to strengthen the student in his/her adjustment.


Short-term Missions

Northpoint Bible College arranges and conducts various short-term missions trips both nationally and internationally. These trips are very beneficial to the prospective minister of the gospel. During these trips, personal testimonies of God’s faithfulness are actualized, and the experience of seeing the manifestation of God’s plan inspires, motivates, and edifies the student participant.

Street Team

The Great Commission in Matthew 28:18-20 states, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore go and make disciples of all nations,baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” 

The Street Team starts in the Prayer Chapel and then hits the streets of Haverhill to make disciples. What we learn in the classroom throughout the week, we practice on the streets. Learn how to defend your faith, articulate the Gospel, be used in spiritual gifts, and connect with the city.

We meet people from all walks of life and we see people saved, healed, and delivered. 

All students are welcome in this week by week ministry. 

Leadership Opportunities

Northpoint Develops and Launches Leaders!

Opportunities to Lead:

Class Leadership

Resident Assistants

Student Council

Travel Ministry Teams

Chapel Worship Teams


Married Student Fellowship

Get involved: Learn and Lead!


One of the highlights of Northpoint Bible College are the Chapel Services. These chapel experiences are known to students and graduates as the classroom of the Holy Spirit. On Monday through Thursday, students, staff, faculty, and administration join together to seek God, worship, and experience His presence. It’s here that students are exposed to a variety worship and ministry experiences from local pastors and world missionaries. Miracles take place in chapel as students exchange their brokeness for Christ’s wholeness. In Chapel, we come as we are, but we leave changed and empowered as the Holy Spirit comes upon us. All things are possible with God!

Christian Service

The Christian Service program is an extensive outreach program available to all students. The student’s participation provides exposure to a wide range of churches. A broad range of ministerial functions help the student gain experience and understanding in preparation for Christian service.


Quick Library Facts:

Mailroom Facts:

  • Located in the Fine Arts Center across from the library before the bathrooms.
  • The Mailroom is equipped with locked, individual mailboxes.
  • Each student receives a key during registration from the Student Development Office.
  • Larger packages are received at the Reception Office in Academy Hall. You will receive an email notification from reception.
  • Reception Pickup Hours:
    • Monday-Thursday 8AM-5PM
    • Friday 8AM-Noon

Laundry Details:

  • Each floor of both dormitories is equipped with coin and credit card operated washers and dryers
  • Download the laundry app and the system will alert you when your clothes are finished
  • Off Campus laundry and dry cleaning are available in the city as well

Northpoint is proud to partner with Pioneer College Catering for all food service options.

Pioneer’s Mission: Pioneer College Caterers is an organization committed to providing for the food service needs of Christian colleges and universities.

For more information on Pioneer:

Healthcare Essentials:

  • If you have an emergency, then please call 911
  • An on-campus nurse is provided and available 24/7 for non emergency/non life threatening illness or injury; please contact your resident director or resident assistants for further instructions.
  • Each dormitory is equipped with basic first-aid supplies for minor injuries
  • Local medical facilities are available within 10-15 minutes of the main campus:

The Fitness Center is located in the Student Activity Center. Enjoy our state of the art wifi enabled treadmills, eliplicals, half rack (300 lbs), multiple stations, and free weights.

 Fitness Center Standards:

  • When you are finished using a piece of equipment, spray and wipe off the equipment for the next person.
  • Follow the Northpoint dress code.
  • Personal earbuds are acceptable, but loud music that bothers your neighbor is unacceptable.
  • No food allowed in the gym
  • Follow gym hours.

Saturday-Thursday 5 am – 11 pm
Friday 5 am – 12 am

Transportation Essentials:

  • All cars on campus need to be registered with Security.
  • All cars need proof of insurance and a valid registration.
  • There is plenty of parking for everyone as long as you park in your designated spot.
  • Public Transportation Available:

Academic Advising:

  • All students will be assigned an academic advisor who is available to assist in course planning and selections while addressing the student’s state of progress toward graduation requirements.
  • Beyond academic advising, faculty are available to coach students and in personal, professional, social, spiritual, and emotional development.

Financial Advising

  • Northpoint also offers a unique service of financial advising and planning that is aimed at promoting the highest possible level of stewardship for each student’s resources. Students who need help with their personal budgets and other financial concerns may inquire at the Financial Aid Office for help. The financial principles they will learn through this service will better equip them for the future.


  • Counseling is available to all students who desire more services. Mental health counseling can help you work through a variety of issues, such as depression, anxiety, life adjustment challenges, or trauma. You can do this individually, or couples can receive marriage counseling together.

Resident Directors

  • Don’t forget your resident directors are available to meet with each and every student who asks for advice.


Northpoint Bible College is committed to maintain a safe and secure environment for both students and employees. 

Security is staffed 24/7 and provides the following services:

  • Issuance of visitor passes
  • Crime prevention
  • On-campus personal safety escort assistance
  • Parking and traffic control
  • Making emergency notifications
  • Maintains Access Management System
  • Assistance with motor vehicle lock-outs 

Northpoint operates a networked based access management system to regulate access to school buildings. Students, Faculty and Staff are issued ID access cards and are allotted the necessary credentials deemed appropriate by the school.

To help supplement and enhance the Security department, the school has recently installed 46 state of the art surveillance cameras to help give the department an edge for monitoring the community and property of Northpoint. If you are on campus, then consider yourself on camera.

Different types of emergency drills are practiced each semester to help new and returning students.

Should you have any questions, you may contact us at (978) 478 -3409 or by email: [email protected].

Vehicle Registration

All students, faculty and staff with vehicles are required to register their vehicle with the Northpoint Bible College Security Department. Valid proof of the following is necessary insurance: license and registration to complete the auto registration process. Upon completion, owners with be given a decal that is to be placed on the lower driver side corner of the back windshield on the driver side. Register Here 

Bicycle Registration

All bicycles need to be registered with the Northpoint Bible College Security Department. Upon completing the bicycle registration, a decal will be issued and will need to be affixed to the bicycle frame (under the seat is ok).

Instant Notification

The Instant Notification system is a service that allows College officials to reach students and staff with time-sensitive information during unforeseen events or emergencies.

The system uses email, voice and text messaging to broadcast pertinent information and when appropriate, provides directions to those in the affected area(s).

 It is vital for all faculty, staff and students to be registered within the Instant Notification System. To ensure our list is accurate, tests are done at the beginning of each semester. Anyone who does not receive messages should contact/visit the Director of Security immediately to rectify this omission. 


Reporting Emergencies

To report an emergency, call Northpoint Bible College Security at (978) 478-3409.

To report an incident online: Incident Report

Northpoint has six Emergency phones located outside of buildings throughout the campus. On each of the phones, there are two buttons:

  • The “Emergency” button will connect you to a 911 operator.
  • The “Information” button will connect you to the Northpoint Bible College Security Department.
Clery Crime & Fire Report

Northpoint is required by federal law to publish an annual security report by October 1st each year. Click here to access the most recent Clery Crime and Fire Report.  Paper copies of this report are available in the campus security office.