One of the highlights of Northpoint Bible College are the Chapel Services. These moments experience here are known to students and graduates as the classroom of the Holy Spirit. On Monday through Thursday, students, staff, faculty, and administration join together to seek, worship, and experience God’s presence. It’s here that students are exposed to a variety of worship and ministry experiences from local pastors and world missionaries. Miracles take place in chapel as students exchange their brokeness for Christ’s wholeness. In Chapel, we come as we are, but we leave changed and empowered as the Holy Spirit comes upon us. All things are possible with God! 


The disciplines of prayer and fasting are celebrated six times in the academic year. As a campus, we shut down activities from 9AM-12PM to engage God. Jesus made it clear that some things in ministry will never get accomplished unless His followers pray and fast. As a school that prepares people for ministry, it is vital for our students to understand this lesson and bring these disciplines into their personal lives and ministries. These days are full of prayer, scripture reading, preaching, worship, praise, and transformation. 



Northpoint’s unique structure permits each class to meet as a group once a month for an hour of corporate prayer. Prayer is foremost at Northpoint; this time allows students to help and encourage one another in the Lord, to pray for particular needs of the Church and the world, and to seek God for direction and change. A special bonding takes place during these times as classmates minister to one another. Class Prayers provide an excellent opportunity for students to experience the ministry of the Holy Spirit.


The dormitories are the students’ home and the inhabitants of each dormitory become family. The students of each dorm meet monthly in the evening for a time of devotion. The Resident Directors minister to those in their care, helping each student to draw ever closer to God. There are also regular times for floor devotions where a smaller group of students get together to pray, learn and grow.