Spiritual Formation

Northpoint’s chapel is life changing. You can’t put a price tag on the ability to hear from unique Christian leaders on a daily basis.

Nate Smith

Graduate of 2012

One of the highlights of life at Northpoint is the Chapel Service. From Monday through Thursday, students, staff, faculty, and administration join together to seek God, to praise the Lord Jesus Christ, and to experience the ever-present power of the Holy Spirit. Christian leaders from various areas of the world, plus our president, and the faculty, participate in these services by bringing forth the Word of God in such a way as to challenge and encourage our students to become the leaders of tomorrow. The variety of ministries presented provides our students with a broad exposure to the heartbeat of ministry taking place around the world. During these special times, the Holy Spirit moves upon students in a gentle, yet most powerful way, molding lives and preparing them for the ministry and for the challenges of the Kingdom. The powerful environment promotes an atmosphere of holiness, reverence, and awe. During Senior Chapels, senior students are given the opportunity to minister the Word.

Prayer and fasting are essential to the Christian’s walk with the Lord; therefore, on six designated days each year, the campus family unites to pray and fast, to read the Scriptures, to worship, and to seek the Father’s will for the school, the Church, the world, and for one’s personal life as well. Prayer transforms lives, and fasting focuses one’s being on God. The days of Prayer and Fasting offer a time for spiritual reflection, and many lives have been transformed in amazing ways during these special times.

Northpoint’s unique structure permits each class to meet as a group once a month for one period of corporate prayer. Prayer is foremost at Northpoint, and this time allows students to help and encourage one another in the Lord, to pray for particular needs of the Church and the world, and to seek God for direction and change. A special bonding takes place during these times as classmates minister to one another. Class Prayers provide an excellent opportunity for students to experience the ministry of the Holy Spirit.

The dormitories are the students’ home, and the inhabitants of each dormitory become family. Each month the occupants of each dorm meet in the evening for a time of devotion. The Resident Directors minister to those in their care, helping each student to draw ever closer to God. There are also regular times for floor devotions, where a smaller unit of students get together to pray, learn and grow.

We encourage our students to become involved in practical ministry teams that are available to minister at churches, camps, rallies, youth groups, and evangelistic outreaches through worship, special music, and drama throughout the school year and summer months. This enables them to acquire a form of unique ministry experience that they can carry with them out into their careers.



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Appointed Drama Team

Appointed strives to connect people to God through the use of poignant dramas and human videos. Check out Appointed on Facebook and Instagram, you will definitely want to book them for your next camp or event.

Dwelling Place Group Photo Northpoint


Dwelling Place Worship

Dwelling Place is a music and worship team that is passionate about praising God. They are available to provide special ministry in music and worship. Like them on Facebook and follow them on Instagram to stay posted!


Book one of our teams

Much is learned in the classroom, but practical ministry is of utmost importance at Northpoint as well. People have different interests and talents, therefore, a variety of ministry opportunities are available. The purpose of each, however, is to train students for the caring, sharing, serving roles of the ministry of the gospel.


Short-Term Missions

Northpoint Bible College arranges and conducts various short-term missions trips both nationally and internationally. These trips are very beneficial to the prospective minister of the gospel. During these trips, personal testimonies of God's faithfulness are actualized, and the experience of seeing the manifestation of God's plan inspires, motivates, and edifies the student participant.

Street Team

The Street Witnessing team, under its directors, goes forth into local streets to present Christ. The Street Witnessing team introduces students to the various problems and burdens people face and teaches them to minister accordingly. The many objections one often encounters when witnessing helps students refine their testimonies while learning how to defend their faith. Street witnessing provides the opportunity to share the gospel in both word and deed.

Prison Ministry

Anarchy is becoming a way of life, as evidenced by the ever increasing prison population in this country. At the same time, however, the incarcerated are coming to Christ in ever-increasing numbers. Northpoint's outreach program to prisoners provides students with an opportunity to minister to the incarcerated segment of society that often feels angry, frustrated, discouraged, and unloved.


The Outreach Ministry teams offer the opportunity for students to experience God's faithfulness in a variety of settings. Each ministry focuses on a particular audience which enables students to share the Gospel meaningfully.

Music & Drama

Throughout the year, vocal and drama groups engage in ministry throughout the New England region and beyond. Both are in demand throughout the year for weekend, holiday, and summer ministry opportunities , providing an excellent opportunity for students . These ministries have blessed, encouraged, and edified many.

Leadership Opportunities

Various student organizations, including the International Student Fellowship, Married Student Fellowship, Student Senate, Class Organizations, and Ministry Teams, present excellent opportunities for students to be involved in leadership. The yearly publication of the yearbook, is one such opportunity which requires a considerable staff. Students hold major leadership roles in both the production of the yearbook and positions as class officers.

Christian Service

The Christian Service program is an extensive outreach program available to all students. The student's participation provides exposure to a wide range of churches. A broad range of ministerial functions helps the student gain experience and understanding in preparation for Christian service.

Student participation in the chapel services is another exciting aspect of Northpoint's program. Chapel services provide extensive opportunities for vocalists, instrumentalists, and worship leaders to serve. The time invested in chapel helps students discover and nurture their gifts and talents as they seek to edify the Body of Christ.
Northpoint provides parking for students having motorized vehicles with proper registration and insurance coverage. Realizing the value of ready transportation for work, ministry, and for prersonal use, Northpoint encourages the responsible and mature use of motorized vehicles. Students not having a means of transportation may access public transportation within a short walking distance from the campus.

Land-line telephones are conveniently located in all the dorms. Students need calling cards to make long-distance calls. In the event of an emergency, students can be reached through the Northpoint main switchboard terminal, during regular office hours.

Physical Fitness

Opportunities for physical exercise and recreation are provided in the Fitness Center located in the Gymnasium building. The exercise room offers free weights and Universal equipment. Aerobic equipment includes several stationary bikes, steppers, and a rowing machine. Students may also participate in year-round sports activities such as softball, soccer, frisbee, volleyball, and basketball.


The Mailroom is equipped with standard locked, individualized mailboxes. Each student receives a key during registration. This service accommodates both incoming and outgoing mail, and includes on-site package delivery. The Bradford Post Office is in close proximity, only 1/4 mile from the College. The main branch of the Haverhill Post Office is also within walking distance of the campus.


Research and reference needs are more than adequately met in the approximately 45,000 volumes housed in Northpoint's library. Students may also access EBSCO Periodical Databases to complete research projects. In addition, thousands of periodicals, audio tapes, and video tapes are on hand. Resource materials may also be accessed through the Internet, and there is wireless access throughout the library.The Haverhill Pulbic Library is within walking distance of the campus as well.


Each floor of both dormitories is equipped with coin-operated washers and dryers designated specifically for student use. Should a student desire or need other services, there are several laundry and dry-cleaning operations in the vicinity.

Health Care

Each dormitory is equipped with basic first-aid supplies for immediate response to minor injuries. Should a student need further medical assistance, a number of medical facilities are located within a few minutes of the school.

Food Services

Meals for Northpoint students, staff, and faculty are provided in the attractive Dining Common. Meals are provided by our own excellent in-house Food Services department, which strives to provide meals that are nutritionally balanced, tasty, and aesthetically pleasing.


Christian Book Distributors (CBD) hosts Northpoint's official online bookstore, which lists and sells both new and used textbooks and other learning material students need for class. CBD provides parents and students a convenient, user-friendly shopping experience at our dedicated online bookstore. The program was designed to streamline textbook operations for schools and make book buying as easy and enjoyable as possible for families. Click here to be redirected to our store at CBD. You can also Click here to see the book list for online courses!


Students will find a willingness on the part of faculty and staff to listen to them and encourage them in times of need. Informal levels of counseling in areas of personal, social, spiritual, and emotional development are available as requested or deemed necessary. Academic advising is also provided to all students as a fundamental need. Each student is assigned to a faculty advisor who is available to assist in course planning and selections, while addressing the student's state of progress toward graduation requirements. Northpoint also offers a unique service of financial advising and planning that is aimed at promoting the highest possible level of stewardship for each student's resources. Students who need help with their personal budgets and other financial concerns may inquire at the Financial Aid Office of Northpoint for help in this area. The financial principles they will learn through this service will better equip them for the future.

Yearbook Team

The College Yearbook is the annual pictorial publication of the College. The yearbook staff is chosen to organize, formulate, and present a literary and pictorial reconstruction of the year's events. Opportunities for work on the project are extended to all students.

Student Council

The Student Council serves as a liaison that provides for an exchange of ideas, concerns, and information between the student body, faculty, and administration. This body consists of four officers (including a president and vice president) six class representatives, and the class officers. This organization has been very effective in constructive dialogue and policy review. The Student Council is also an excellent opportunity for students to develop leadership skills and to learn styles of conflict management.

Married Student Fellowship

The Married Student Fellowship was formed to provide support and fellowship for all married students. A great deal of sacrifice is often involved in answering God's call; therefore, activities, fellowship, prayer, and mutual encouragement through the Married Student Fellowship serve to strengthen the student in his/her adjustment.

International Student Fellowship

The International Student Fellowship exists as a ministry to students who come to Northpoint from other countries whose cultures, and often languages, are different from those of the United States. The International Student Fellowship offers orientation that helps to ease the stresses of assimilating into a new culture, while providing these students with a sense of belonging through fellowship with others of like experience.

Class Structure

Each class is organized and headed by a class advisor, who is appointed by the Administrative Committee to guide the class over the course of the year. Each class elects six officers as first year students, and then reaffirms their election once each following year.The officers are president, vice-president/treasurer, and secretary/historian. The officers lead the class and help each student realize his/her full potential. The monthly class prayer meetings, along with class parties and social functions, contribute to the students' spiritual, social, and psychological development. Through these various functions, the students develop lifelong friendships as well.

Among the services provided by Student Life Services is Campus Safety.  The men and women of the Northpoint Bible College Security Department are dedicated and committed to providing the highest quality of campus safety services to the students, faculty, staff, and visitors at Northpoint Bible College.


The NPBSD is staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The Department provides the following services:

  • Issuance of visitor passes
  • Crime prevention
  • On-campus personal safety escort assistance
  • Parking and traffic control
  • Making emergency notifications
  • Access management
  • Assistance with motor vehicle lock-outs


Northpoint operates a networked based access management system to regulate access to school buildings. Students, Faculty and Staff are issued proxy cards and are allotted the necessary credentials deemed appropriate by the school.


To help supplement and enhance the Security department, the school has recently installed 22 state of the art surveillance cameras to help give the department an edge for monitoring the community and property of Northpoint.


Different types of emergency drills are run each semester to help new and returning students; Faculty and Staff become acclimated with emergency procedures. Anyone having questions about these procedures should contact the Director of Security.


We welcome your ideas, suggestions, concerns and participation as we work together as a community to keep the campus safe. Should you have any questions, you may contact us at (978) 478 -3414 (this is not an emergency number) or email Northpoint Security.


Clery Crime and Fire Report

Northpoint is required by federal law to publish an annual security report by October 1st each year. Click here to access the most recent Clery Crime and Fire Report.  Paper copies of this report are available in the campus security office.

Bicycle Registration

All bicycles need to be registered with the Northpoint Bible College Security Department. Upon completing the bicycle registration, a decal will be issued and will need to be affixed to the bicycle frame (under the seat is ok).

Auto Registration

All students, faculty and staff with vehicles are required to register their vehicle with the Northpoint Bible College Security Department. Valid proof of the following is necessary insurance, license and registration to complete the auto registration process. Upon completion owners with be given a decal that is to be placed on the lower corner of the back windshield on the driver side.


All students, faculty and staff need to complete the auto registration form.


All full time students who will be residing on the Northpoint Campus from out of state will ALSO need to complete a Non-Residential Driver Statement, and file it with the Haverhill Police Department upon arriving.

Instant Notification

Northpoint Bible College has implemented an Instant Notification system (NPBCINS), a service that allows College officials to reach students and staff with time-sensitive information during unforeseen events or emergencies.


The system uses voice, e-mail and text messaging to broadcast pertinent information and, when appropriate, provide directions to those in the affected area(s).


It is important for all Faculty, Staff and students to be put into the Instant Notification System. Tests are done at the beginning of each semester. Anyone who does not receive messages should contact/visit the Director of Security at their earliest convenience. 

Reporting Emergencies

To report an emergency call Northpoint Bible College Security at (978) 478-3409.


Northpoint has six Emergency phones located outside of buildings throughout the campus. On each of the phones there are two buttons:

  • The "Emergency" button will connect you to a 911 operator.
  • The "Information" button will connect you to the Northpoint Bible College Security Department.

Student Experience