Why a biblical worldview matters – Rebecca Dahlstrom, Online Contributor


In Genesis 1 the Bible says, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth” and then God spoke and creation begin.  God stands at the beginning of human history, creation and time.  Nothing is before him and nothing begins without Him.  That is the foundation of a biblical worldview.  A biblical worldview accepts the Bible as the inspired word of God and it becomes a framework for life.  It answers the questions we seek regarding meaning, value and purpose.  James N. Anderson, professor of Theology writes that a worldview forms our belief system about theology, anthropology, knowledge, ethics and salvation.  The Bible reveals that God has spoken clearly about these and also reveals that He desires a relationship with mankind.


Our worldview is developed from childhood to adulthood by the interpretation of one’s life events.  Even though we do not always call it a worldview it is our reality and we live out whatever mental model or system of beliefs we have developed according to our environment and training.  Our personal worldview or reality seeks to answers many of the keys questions of life and we look for answers regarding life, values, our purpose, priorities, death, God, creation, pleasure, ethics etc.  We want to know who or what gives life meaning and how we know what is right or wrong.


Our culture needs a biblical worldview because what pervades a culture will be the culture’s concept of reality.  I cannot comprehend living in a culture that excludes God as defined in the Bible.  I cannot imagine my children and grandchildren living in that world.  A culture that is defined by an exclusive pursuit of one’s interest without any concept of eternity with life ending at the grave is a very hopeless way to live.  This would allow each person to define right and wrong instead of a clear revelation of Absolute Truth.  It would be an atheistic world where God does not exist and where the culture defines truth in relation to religion, education and science.  This is why a biblical world view matters.


Our colleges and universities continue to form and broaden our worldview and ultimately influence us and we influence our culture.  If we seek to answer the questions of life and develop a world view apart from God and His inspired word we follow a path that considers the body, but excludes the most important part of man – his eternal spirit and soul.  The biblical worldview believes that God is Spirit and he created us with a spirit to commune with Him.  In a worldview we define who we believe God is and if he exists.  We define His characteristics, His involvement with mankind, if sin exists, and ultimately if we need a Savior.


Every worldview has a “god” and has something or somebody that is its salvation.  James N. Anderson states “Everyone thinks something is wrong with the world and every worldview has a ‘salvation story’ to tell”.    It implies there is a basic human problem and it defines the solution to that problem.   Acts 4:12 says, “Nor is there salvation in any other, for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved.”


Personally, the biblical God has given my life purpose, value and a framework for living, for marriage, raising a family, living in society and an understanding of life after death.  He has answered the deepest question of the meaning of life and has brought great satisfaction and fulfillment to my life.  I am grateful I was introduced to a biblical worldview by my parents and as my life has expanded in knowledge and experience the Bible has been and continues to be the foundation of my life.