Northpoint Bible College graduates are part of a worldwide fellowship that includes those who graduated under our former names of Zion Bible College, Zion Bible Institute, School of the Prophets, and Mt. Zion Bible School. Whether we attended in East Providence, Barrington, or on the Haverhill campus, we are a family. The bond that exists among our Alumni is legendary! The Alumni Association exists to foster that family relationship and to encourage support of our beloved Alma Mater. Thanks to your generous contributions, the Alumni Heritage Center is a reality where you may view and listen to the history of the College spanning over 90 years on three campuses!

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Every donation helps Northpoint continue in the vision and mission laid on Sister Gibson’s heart over ninety years ago. Time, name, and location may change, but the mission of the school remains the same. Please consider helping continue that mission by donating today.

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