2023 Inauguration: Pres. Tiff Shuttlesworth

Oct 24, 2023

This momentous event also included hymns and songs of praise led by the Northpoint Choir and music program faculty. The inaugural speaker, Rev. Robert Reeves (Chairman of the Board, Northpoint Bible College & Seminary), shared a powerful word from the book of Exodus on the grace and divine appointments of God. The Chairman placed a charge on President Shuttlesworth to be: a steadfast guardian of the vision “birthed by God’s spirit”; a visionary leader, guiding Northpoint and leading it towards its future, that embraces growth, excellence, relevance; a unifying force within our community; a diligent steward of the resources that are entrusted to his care; and to lead with all humility, empathy, and a servant-heartedness.

Today, Tuesday October 23rd, Northpoint Bible College & Seminary joyously celebrated the inauguration of its 9th president, Rev. Tiff Shuttlesworth, along with many friends and family.

The celebration began with a chapel service honoring President Shuttlesworth. Congratulatory remarks were given by several members of the Northpoint community as well as esteemed guests such as Dr. Lisa Beatty (Executive Director- Commission on Accreditation, Association for Biblical Higher Education), Rev. Matt Ward (Senior Pastor, Charleston Church/President, Faith Bible College International), and via video- Rev. Douglas Clay (General Superintendent, General Council of the Assemblies of God), Dr. Paul Alexander (President, Trinity Bible College), and Dr. Mike Rakes (President, Evangel University).

President Shuttlesworth fervently believes that God has given him the privilege to serve our beloved institution and build upon our sacred vision. His passion for eschatology and his conviction of the soon coming of Christ carry the urgency of the hour in which we live. At a recent chapel service he said, “Reaching the lost and fulfilling the Great Commission are a limited opportunity because we believe in the soon coming of Christ. We must carry out the tasks that are assigned to us, for night cometh when no man can work.”

The Northpoint community celebrates and uplifts President Shuttlesworth as he faithfully and boldly embraces this role!


The Inauguration Service can be viewed here.