Luke 2:14


“Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace among those with whom He is pleased.”


“Peace on earth… goodwill towards men.” These words are used during this Advent season to the point that we have become numb to the origins of their meaning. In addition to that, it is near impossible to find a place on earth where these words ring true.


Just pick a continent and I am sure you will easily find some type of chaos. War raging throughout the Middle East, famine in the Sudan, death of a political tyrant in the Caribbean, and an unstable dictator threatening Korea; the list could grow longer. How much peace is really found in our crazy world? Not only is peace taken away in the realm of governments and disasters, but also in the inward part of a person’s heart that is seeking rest. Where is the peace that millions seek daily? Many try to find it by medicating or drowning this need that is so common to us all. Tragically, this method only fixes the matter for a short time. The ache soon returns and personal peace is still only a dream.


With peace absent in our personal lives and a lasting peace missing around the globe, where is the peace we so eagerly search for? As bleak as our world may appear, I can’t imagine what our condition would be if Christ hadn’t chosen to come and spend a few short years with us.


In John 15:22, Jesus makes a statement about His coming to earth. He begins with the simple supposition, “If I had not come…” If He hadn’t come and lived among us, what would our world look like right now? That is a question I don’t want to consider. Yes, our world lacks peace. True, many of us are looking for personal peace in any area that promises some sort of relief. However, socially, morally, and ethically, if He had not chosen to come, our world would be more chaotic than can be imagined. Yet, the good news is, He has come and with His coming He has brought the offer of true and lasting peace to any who would receive it.


The peace He has brought to our world can never be legislated by a decree or edict; it’s far too precious and personal for that. His peace is available to one person and one heart at a time. All that is needed is an honest open heart, simply confessing the need for a savior. That’s really why He came, to bring personal peace to our troubled lives. His peace, through His work on the cross, brings to us peace with God the Father. Sin, the great separator, no longer has any power. I am free and at peace because my problem of sin has been taken care of. Peace personally has the tendency to bring peace universally. As one Christ-follower shares this eternal message with his world, peace begins to spread.


He is the Prince of Peace and will always be, regardless of what’s transpiring in our world. I am sure glad He chose to come and leave us with this eternal gift. If you need peace in your life today in any dimension, it’s only a prayer away. Along with this personal request, let’s all pray for the rest of our world to experience this remarkable gift. I am exceedingly glad that He chose to come, how about you?