By this I know that you delight in me…
(Psalm 41:11a ESV)


It was a blisteringly cold Wednesday night and I had decided that I needed another venue to do my work, so I warmed up the car and went to the local coffee shop. After getting my $4.98 caramel macchiato, I sat down next to a window just as it started snowing. It looked like I was going to be there a while. It was then that I noticed in big letters the word JOY on my cup and inspirational sayings about the holiday theme. Many of the quotes were cute and purposefully innocuous.



“Joy is being with family and friends during the holiday.”
“Joy is found not in things, but in love.”
“Joy is enjoying a cup of coffee by a fireplace on a cold winter’s night.”
“Joy is found knowing that God delight’s in me so much that He sent Christ for me to defeat the biggest enemy of my life: sin…”

Just kidding, that last one wasn’t on there.


In Psalm 41:11a, the Psalmist writes that he knows that God delights in him. God is involved in the Psalmist’s life so much that He cares for his well-being, even to the point of protecting him from his enemies. This causes the Psalmist to break into a Doxology, a theological praise to God – a joyful praise! We see a similar Doxology later at the pronouncement of Christ’s birth:

“Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace among those with whom he is pleased!” (Luke 2:14 ESV)


The angels proclaimed that the Child born of the Virgin Mary was there to defeat the greatest enemy of all: our sin. God sent Jesus to reconcile us to Himself and He is pleased to give us peace through Him. It’s no wonder the angels broke out in praise. How great is this proof that God delights in His people! This Christmas, may the source of our joy be remembering how Christ has brought us back to God. Not only did He accomplish that, but now the Holy Trinity delights in us and is invested in our well-being!